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Ubiquity Sprouting Corporation announces installing peanut sprout daily 1,000 kg output growing facility.

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TAIPEI, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ubiquity Sprouting Corporation (USC) pioneers Sustainable Peanut Sprout Cultivation with a Groundbreaking Facility in Taiwan.

USC proudly announces the opening of a groundbreaking facility in Taiwan focused on producing peanut sprouts, with an impressive daily output of 1,000 kilograms. USC aims to lead the industry by becoming the first to cultivate peanut sprouts on a large scale using organic methods without any chemical agents.

This innovative facility operates with minimal energy, using only water for cultivation. Remarkably, peanut sprouts grow 3.5 times their weight in just five days. USC has developed this cost-effective technology to expand production rapidly, overcoming challenges often seen in traditional methods, such as bacterial and fungal issues. Professor Chiu, known as Taiwan’s ‘King of Peanuts,’ confirms that peanuts affected by these contaminants struggle to sprout.

USC inventor Chang remarks, “Peanut sprouts are a rarity in the market, and cultivating them is fraught with challenges and high failure rates, leading to their scarcity.”

Peanut sprouts are a veritable boon for health, boasting an abundance of resveratrol – a compound with concentrations 100 times greater than in peanuts, and with significantly lower fat content. Peer-reviewed studies have attributed a multitude of health benefits to Resveratrol, ranging from anti-aging to cardioprotection and beyond, underscoring its substantial life-extending potential.

USC has ingeniously crafted four distinct models for cultivating various vegetables and fruits, including bean sprouts (MS001), peanut sprouts (PS101), leafy vegetables (LV201), and vine vegetables and fruits (VV301). Previously, USC has successfully marketed mung bean sprout facilities in Taiwan and Mainland China, with a daily production capacity of 37,500 kilograms across 25 growing lines. It is now sold at several chain stores, including Carrefour Taiwan. USC is committed to introducing freshly germinated sprouts to the Taiwanese market – a nutritious and tantalizing culinary delight. These first-day sprouts of mung beans, black beans, and soybeans, which are currently rare in the market. These first-day sprouts are not only fresh and nutritionally rich but also free from any use of chemical additives.

In addition to independently or in collaboration with partners cultivating vegetables and fruits, we will also process these foods into various products such as snacks, cookies, desserts, savory pies, pickles, and more.

Michael Lai, USC founder, said “basically we will mainly develop our own vegetable business across the world. But we are also looking for partners who would like to have a joint venture, license or even buy our facility. By implementing our Ubisprouting technology, we all together can do a better environmental and friendly cultivation to produce more various food for our wonderful planet citizen.”

Ubiquity Sprouting Corporation announces installing peanut sprout daily 1,000 kg output growing facility.

For more detailed information on Ubiquity Sprouting Corporation and our innovative agricultural solutions, please visit our website at www.ubisprout.com.

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