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TeraBox Marks the First Full Year of Referral Program, Empowering Thousands Globally

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TOKYO, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TeraBox, the cloud storage brainchild of Japanese technology firm Flextech Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, is proudly marking the first-year milestone of its highly successful Referral Program. Under the banner of “share to be rich,” the TeraBox Referral Program has gathered significant traction, rallying users worldwide to join its ranks. TeraBox marks its anniversary with the #TeraBoxLifeUpgrade TikTok challenge, attracting participants, including KOLs, to showcase Referral Program earnings and benefits, gaining 20 million views.

The Referral Program, a cornerstone of TeraBox’s success, beckons prospective users with its simple five-step enrollment process, involving “register, select a plan, upload files, share links, and collect rewards“, enabling them to monetize their participation in the Referral Program. The community’s resounding choice of the program’s official slogan, “share to be rich,” exemplifies TeraBox’s vision of fostering a culture of sharing that leads to financial prosperity, attracting a diverse range of users. It comes as no surprise that TeraBox has become the talk of the town.

TeraBox’s impact goes far and wide, reaching 214 countries and regions around the world. From India to Indonesia, Brazil to the United States, TeraBox has gained a loyal following of diverse webmasters who help spread the wealth. The program’s success has attracted webmasters from all corners of the globe, with India leading the way with approximately 90,000 webmasters. Indonesia follows with 40,000, while Brazil and the United States each boast 20,000. And it doesn’t stop there-countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan have all jumped on board, contributing to TeraBox’s global presence.

With over 500,000 webmasters across the globe, the program has become a lucrative avenue for income generation. Webmasters are reaping an average daily income of $83, with some achieving staggering single-day earnings of up to $7,636. Notably, since its inception, TeraBox has witnessed one webmaster amass a remarkable $109,947 in earnings within a year, setting a new benchmark of success.

The TeraBox Referral Program has successfully operated for over 365 days, achieving remarkable success thanks to the unwavering support of its users and webmasters. TeraBox launched the #TeraBoxLifeUpgrade challenge on TikTok to celebrate the remarkable journeys of our Referral Program participants. This captivating challenge has witnessed over 50 active participants, including renowned KOLs, proudly displaying their monthly earnings from the Referral Program, amassing an impressive 20 million views. Through engaging videos, they’ve spotlighted its key benefits, including generous profit-sharing, user-friendly operations, and swift withdrawal processes.

Lately, the company launches the TeraBox Paid Content Plan, enabling the users to turn creativity into tangible income. Photographers, illustrators, and original video creators alike can now set flexible prices for their premium content, with users must pay to access and enjoy uploaded videos. It’s worth emphasizing that TeraBox takes no fee, allowing creators the possibility of earning up to $100 per link, with their creativity rightfully compensated under the TeraBox Paid Content Plan.

TeraBox App is available for download on Android, iOS, and Windows devices, data can also be accessed online at www.terabox.com.

To learn more about the TeraBox Referral Program for additional income, please visit https://terabox.onelink.me/yqcq/ij4vgrdg

About TeraBox

TeraBox, powered by Flextech Inc. in Japan, is a leading global cloud storage solution. With its Tokyo headquarters, TeraBox proudly serves over 100 million users globally, providing a simple yet powerful way to store and manage data. Offering a generous 1TB of free storage, TeraBox ensures your files are safe and accessible anywhere.

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