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SC Solutions and Hunnicutt Farms Innovate Corn Growing

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Agreement Signed to Deploy I-SAT

GILTNER, Neb., Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hunnicutt Farms, a leading grower of corn, popcorn, soybeans, and feed corn, is advancing with its use of earth observation analytics by signing a contract with SC Solutions, Inc. SC Solutions’ I-SAT platform provides advanced satellite imagery and analytics, supporting Hunnicutt’s mission to be at the forefront of sustainable and precision agriculture practices.

“Our platform [I-SAT] takes high resolution data to analyze key factors influencing corn growth, including soil health, moisture levels, and vegetation indices,” said Cliff Beek, CEO of SC Solutions. The differentiating output factor, according to Beek; “is the fusion of machine learning and space technology to progress agricultural practices.”

Operating for over a century, Hunnicutt Farms has demonstrated an affinity for embracing innovative solutions. “Earth Observation technology aligns with our commitment to sustainability and precision farming,” expressed Brandon Hunnicutt, Owner Partner at Hunnicutt Farms, and a 5th generation Nebraska farmer. Hunnicutt added, “We’re excited about the potential to elevate our corn cultivation practices and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Transforming vast swaths of raw data into actionable insights by leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, including deep learning and neural networks, I-SAT’s Precision Analytics offer an unparalleled deep dive into Earth’s observational data. The platform’s state-of-the-art AI analytics, hyperspectral capabilities, and intuitive visualization techniques, make complex earth observation data comprehensible, accessible, and actionable.

About Hunnicutt Farms:

Hunnicutt Farms is an irrigated farming operation in Giltner, Nebraska. Producing corn, soybeans, popcorn, and other crops in a sustainable manner, through a combination of both conventional and organic practices. Hunnicutt aims to use the latest technology to improve efficiencies, while researching new ideas to help with climate change. Hunnicutt Farms strives to seek out new and innovative partnerships that will have economic success and a positive environmental impact. https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonhunnicutt/

About SC Solutions:

SC Solutions Inc. addresses the gap in the commercial market for integrated, accessible, and comprehensible earth intelligence. SC Solutions’ I-SAT platform fuses real-time earth observation satellite data and applies advanced analytics to provide cutting-edge insights for a broad range of commercial applications, including: agriculture, forestry, mining, environmental monitoring, and asset management. Leveraging natural-language processing, the platform’s intuitive user interface allows for seamless interaction by all types of users, regardless of their proficiency in imaging processing. I-SAT’s accessibility and usability makes monitoring and responding to environmental conditions easy ━ improving decision-making processes, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing costs. The I-SAT platform builds on SC Solutions’ heritage of empowering access to and fostering inclusive collaboration in space through its vision of a decentralized satellite infrastructure. https://www.scsolutions.ai

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