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London tops European cities in traffic congestion

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For the third year running, London has been named Europe’s most congested city, according to the latest report from Inrix, a global traffic data provider. In 2023, motorists in London spent an average of 99 hours in traffic, marking an increase from 97 hours in the previous year. This level of congestion places London ahead of all other European cities and ranks it just below New York and Mexico City internationally, with the study excluding data from China and India.

London tops European cities in traffic congestion

In comparison to pre-pandemic traffic levels, London has seen a 3% increase in congestion, indicating a slower return to the “new normal” of travel within the region. According to Bob Pishue, a transportation analyst and author of the study, the resurgence in traffic suggests that, despite the challenges, there is a return to pre-Covid activity levels, especially in major cities. However, London’s slide to third place in the global ranking hints at a larger adjustment in urban mobility and economic activity elsewhere.

The report also sheds light on the broader impact of congestion across the UK. In 2023, the average driver lost 61 hours to traffic, costing each approximately £558. This represents an increase from 57 hours reported the previous year. Following London, the most congested areas in the UK were identified as Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, and Wigan. Such statistics underscore the economic toll of congestion, emphasizing the need for effective traffic management and urban planning to enhance economic vitality and reduce time wasted on the roads.

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