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Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic Becomes the First Organization to be Accredited under GHA Standards for Medical Travel 5.0

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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a significant achievement that firmly underscores its commitment to the highest standards of healthcare, Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic (https://www.kbjledas.com/) in Busan, South Korea, has been awarded the distinguished Accreditation with Excellence for Medical Travel Services by Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) (https://www.globalhealthcareaccreditation.com/). Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic is the first healthcare provider to be accredited under GHA Standards 5.0, the most recent version of GHA’s standards for medical travel.

Leaders in Medical Travel Service Excellence

Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic (LEDAS) is known for its excellent vascular treatment services for varicose veins, using the latest technologies such as EVLA, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, and sclerotherapy. It is the first varicose vein specialty clinic in Korea to be certified by GHA, emphasizing its commitment to quality and patient experience.

As evidenced by domestic and international certifications from JCI and KAHF, as well as the Prime Minister’s Award, this clinic has gained an outstanding reputation. Dr. Kim Byoung Joon, the representative director of LEDAS clinic, is a renowned thoracic surgeon with over 23,000 clinical cases of varicose vein treatment experience in 26 years.

Global Healthcare Accreditation: Setting the Highest Standards for Medical Tourism

GHA is recognized as a global leader in medical tourism and health tourism, having developed international standards for medical travel 4.1 and 5.0, accredited by ISQua EEA and professional norms for medical travel in consultation with leading global experts in the industries it represents, including health providers, insurers, and employers. The GHA accreditation seal helps build trust by demonstrating to patients and international payers that the organization has implemented procedures and policies designed to mitigate risks to medical travel patients and enhance the patient experience across each step of the patient journey. According to Ms. Renée-Marie Stephano, Chief Executive Officer of GHA, “GHA’s Standards 5.0, built upon years of industry expertise and stakeholder input, demonstrate GHA’s commitment to setting the bar for quality and safety in the medical travel sector.”

Dr. Kim Byoung Joon, Director of Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic said, “With thousands of success stories from our valued patients and their families, our clinic has earned a reputation as a world-class healthcare provider. Our unique services have attracted international patients, and our impact on the local and global vascular health community is significant. Additionally, thanks to GHA’s rigorous standards, we’ve elevated our protocols for medical travel patients, ensuring an even more exceptional experience for those who entrust us with their care. This achievement underscores our continuous dedication to advancing patient experiences and outcomes for both local and international individuals. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with GHA!”

Ms. Stephano underscored the pivotal role played by GHA accreditation and the importance of LEDAS’ achievement, expressing, “GHA accreditation stands as a symbol of trust and healthcare excellence, providing assurance to patients, governments, insurance companies, facilitators, and various stakeholders that GHA-accredited establishments, such as Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic, are dedicated to the utmost standards of medical travel patient care and achieving successful medical outcomes. Our heartfelt congratulations to LEDAS for attaining this esteemed recognition and for becoming the first organization accredited under GHA Standards 5.0.”

GHA’s Dedication to Healthcare Quality and Safety

GHA is dedicated to enhancing healthcare quality and safety in the medical tourism industry. Through its accreditation, certification, training, development and optimization and advisory services, GHA promotes transparency, patient-centered care, and continuous improvement. GHA’s accreditation process positions healthcare providers to attract and serve medical travel patients, ultimately enhancing clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and the organization’s business performance.

Educating the Marketplace

To raise awareness of the significance of GHA accreditation in enhancing safety and the patient experience, Global Healthcare Accreditation has initiated a comprehensive multilingual consumer and buyer marketing campaign, available in English, Arabic, Russian and Spanish. The campaign aims to educate the market about the substantial benefits of selecting hospitals that have achieved GHA accreditation for their medical tourism programs.

A Landmark Achievement for South Korea’s Healthcare Sector

This milestone, by Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic, serves as an inspiration for healthcare institutions both regionally and globally, highlighting that GHA accreditation not only elevates an institution’s reputation but also positions it for substantial growth and increased demand.

About Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic: 

Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic is a pioneering institution in the field of vascular healthcare, providing advanced treatment services such as EVLA, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, and sclerotherapy. Led by renowned thoracic surgeon Kim Byoung Joon, the clinic is internationally recognized for its cutting-edge technology, earning a reputation as a world-class medical institution. Treatment plans are tailored to the patient’s schedule, so you can combine varicose vein treatment with vacation or work. A coordinator who speaks English, Chinese, and Russian accompanies the patient throughout the entire treatment process to help them communicate with the medical staff without difficulty. LEDAS Clinic has been awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Global Healthcare, the Grand Prize for Excellent Attraction of Foreign Patients from the Ministry of Justice and has been selected twice as a leading medical institution for medical tourism in Busan.

About Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA):

Global Healthcare Accreditation® (GHA) is the recognized global authority in accreditation and certification focused on medical and wellness travel, health tourism, safety, and well-being. Founded in 2016, GHA’s initial business purpose centered on improving the patient experience for medical travelers and supporting healthcare providers in validating quality, increasing visibility, and implementing a sustainable business model for medical travel. Since then, GHA pioneers a variety of programs for organizations and individuals, covering the entire spectrum of the care continuum and offering certification and accreditation in all aspects of health and wellbeing.

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