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IPLOOK Unveils Visionary Product Roadmap for the Future of Core Networks

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HONG KONG, Nov. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IPLOOK Networks, a global vendor of mobile core networks, recently revealed its latest product roadmap, highlighting strategic initiatives and upcoming feature releases.

2023 R6.7:

  • TSN Release
  •  R17 Feature Compliance
  • V2X Trial
  • 5GC+AI Advanced Research

Space-Integrated-Ground Network Core

  • GMS Enhancement

Adaptation to Cloud Platform

  • VMware Cloud Platform
  • AWS Cloud Platform
  • ALI Cloud Platform
  • General OpenStack Cloud Platform

100 Gbps Platform
UDR Policy Integrating

TSN-compliant products enable precise time synchronization for critical applications. IPLOOK’s 4G/5G core network is compatible with major Cloud Platforms (AWS, Alibaba Cloud and General OpenStack Cloud). IPLOOK is testing V2X technology and researching on AI-integrated 5GC. IPLOOK team is also developing the groundbreaking solution that integrates space and ground networks.

2024-2025 R7.4:

  • TSN release
  • V2X release
  • 5G-Advanced LEO commercial


  • Enhanced Network Slicing Functionality
  • 5GC Location Services (Phase 3)
  • Mission Critical and emergencies


  • Implement session persistence and recovery for SIP sessions

LEO Core
More flexible scenarios and models

  • Edge computing
  • Intelligence Algorithms
  • More algorithm interfaces

This release will improve IPLOOK’s TSN capabilities and introduce the commercial deployment of V2X. IPLOOK aims to strengthen its 5GC with network slicing, location services (Phase 3), and support for mission-critical applications and emergencies. IPLOOK will explore LEO scenarios with edge computing and intelligence algorithms.

2026-2028 R8.2:

  • Support for satellite access (Phase 3)
  • Roaming Value-Added Services
  • Support for Upper layer traffic steering, switching and split over dual 3GPP access


  • e2 Interface to the TISPAN NASS
  • Remote Activation of Call Forwarding


  • NFV Acceleration Management
  • SNMP Alarm Interface
  • Software Reliability
  • Data & System Security

By 2026-2028, IPLOOK expects to have its 5GC support satellite access (Phase 3), enabling seamless global connectivity with enhanced capabilities. The team will also introduce value-added roaming services and support upper layer traffic steering, switching, and split over dual 3GPP access. For the IMS, IPLOOK will develop an e2 interface to the TISPAN NASS and focus on OMR/OMA improvements. Several aspects of PLT, such as NFV management will also be a direction.

This product roadmap prioritizes innovation and customer satisfaction, aiming for a connected and intelligent future. IPLOOK is committed to delivering on its promises to shape the future of communication.

Media Contact: info@iplook.com

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