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Following the first release of the Janus series in 2006, Pie Co., Ltd. launched the new 5th generation facial skin analyzer ‘Janus Pro’ in 2021

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SUWON, South KoreaJan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 5th generation Janus Pro uses Canon’s ultra-high-resolution camera and 4 light sources to find skin problems that are invisible to the naked eye or treatments. In particular, in line with the COVID-19 pandemic, UV-A and UV-C air sterilization functions were installed inside the shooting space.

Janus Pro has applied for 5 patents for skin analysis technology and device design for uniform light sources, and the registrations were completed in 2022 to prove the excellence of the technology. It can be divided into high-end products “Hybrid” and premium products “Sunlike”, and the difference between the two products is internal cameras and light sources.

The “Hybrid” is equipped with a Canon camera EOS 90D, which can provide about 32.5 million pixels, and original photo size of 4640x6960px. On the other hand, “Sunlike” is equipped with a high-resolution Canon camera EOS 200D II with about 24.1 million pixels to show the original photo size of 4000x6000px.

In addition, the light source of the “Hybrid” is Xenon Flash, which is close to sunlight, and “Sunlike” uses a specially developed Sunlike White LED. Typical white LEDs have a color reproduction rate (CRI) of 70-80%, but Sunlike LEDs have 95%, similar to sunlight. The LED used for UV imaging is safe for the skin by reducing heat to a wavelength of 385 nm, and is optimized for observation of P. Acnes metabolite Porphyrin, which emits the most light at 405 nm.

The biggest difference in appearance between the existing Janus models and the 5th generation Janus Pro is in the external light blocking hood. During shooting, it is unfolded to block external light, and after use, it is folded and stored with one touch to circulate air inside the shooting space.

Janus Pro analyzes the skin with 18 items. The patented skin texture and elasticity measurements were developed as an independent algorithm. In addition, AI comprehensive analysis function and Bauman skin type have been added, which is divided into 16 skin types, contributing to the development of customized cosmetics.

Pie Co.,Ltd has developed 6 types of pigment classification technologies by learning 129,208 data taken by Janus through “AI-based skin analysis solution development” this year, and plans to introduce “Hive Pro”, a hair & scalp analyzer in 2023.

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