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DeepBrain AI, Strengthening Global Market Penetration with AI Avatars at GITEX 2023

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Showcasing Pioneering AI Avatar Solutions at the Apex of Tech Innovations

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Generative AI specialist, DeepBrain AI (CEO Seyoung Jang) announced on the 20th its third consecutive participation in the Middle East’s largest IT exhibition, ‘GITEX 2023’, showcasing its AI Avatar solutions.

GITEX is among the world’s top three IT exhibitions, where global IT companies and investors from diverse fields including AI, VR·XR/Metaverse, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, Robotics, and Smart Cities unveil technologies and scout for partner companies. This year, the event was held at two venues, Global Hall and North Star Hall, with participation from 175 countries and over 150,000 attendees.

The ‘GITEX Expand North Star’ event where DeepBrain AI participated, took place over four days starting from the 15th at Dubai Harbour. DeepBrain AI showcased its ‘AI Human Kiosk’ utilizing interactive AI Avatar technology and conversational AI solution, along with a text-to-video AI video generator platform ‘AI Studios’. Visitors to the exhibition booth had the opportunity to engage in natural conversation with the AI Human Kiosk, experiencing firsthand the revolutionary enhancement in user convenience compared to traditional kiosks with complex procedures and limited functionalities.

Furthermore, DeepBrain AI took part in the ‘Global Spotlight’ session on the 17th, sharing its growth strategies and industrial insights towards becoming a unicorn in the next generation, including its expertise in securing domestic and foreign investments. Michael Jung, the head of global business development from DeepBrain AI took the stage as the speaker.

AI Human by DeepBrain AI is an interactive AI solution that merges deep learning-based video and voice synthesis with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, exhibiting natural gestures and lip movements synchronized with speech, akin to real humans. By integrating an AI-based chatbot, real-time conversations are also possible. Depending on the circumstances such as location and budget, it can be implemented in various environments including kiosks, monitors, and tablets, showcasing high versatility.

AI Studios is a SaaS-based AI Avatar service that allows anyone to swiftly create videos using AI Avatar without any specialized knowledge in AI technology. Users can simply select an AI Avatar implemented within the program and enter text. It supports over 80 languages and provides more than 100 different voices, finding applications in diverse fields including education, news, home shopping, and promotion.

Over the past two years, DeepBrain AI has showcased its AI Avatar technological prowess to global investors at GITEX. In 2021, it participated in the GITEX ‘Future Stars Supernova Challenge’ pitching competition, becoming the first Korean company to clinch the overall victory among over 700 global companies. Last year, it introduced its interactive AI Avatar solution to global investors, expanding partnerships and exploring business opportunities in the Middle East market.

DeepBrain AI hosted an investor reception at ‘TechCrunch Disrupt’, the largest startup conference in North America held in San Francisco last September. It has been actively engaging in activities to expand its influence in the global AI Avatar service market by introducing its interactive AI Avatar to potential investors from big tech companies and venture capitals.

DeepBrain AI’s CEO Seyoung Jang stated, “It’s profoundly meaningful to participate in GITEX, the largest IT exhibition in the Middle East, for the third consecutive year, being recognized for DeepBrain AI’s superior AI Avatar technology. Through this event, we will do our utmost not only to create business opportunities in the Middle East region but also to expand our influence in the global market and secure investments.”

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