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Cinnamon Wealth: Catalysing Financial Freedom for Women’s Empowerment in Personal Finance

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Offering Inclusive Financial Services and Advocating for Women’s Active Role in Wealth Management

DUBAI, UAE, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Women play a crucial role in binding a family together. Cinnamon Wealth advocates for Women’s active involvement in shaping their family’s financial decisions, recognising that they are both contributors and beneficiaries of the family’s wealth.

Anurita, Founder of Cinnamon and Vijay Emmanuel, Co-Founder & CEO of Cinnamon

The company was founded by Mrs. Anurita Emmanuel, a driven entrepreneur, devoted mother and an investor. In Anurita’s view, financial literacy is not solely about numbers and investments; it represents a fundamental asset for a family’s economic security and well-being.

Her conviction was bolstered during the pandemic as she observed how families’ indifference to their personal finances exacerbated their hardships. She firmly believes that all family members, particularly women, should participate in the decision-making process concerning their personal finances. Their involvement empowers women to take control of their financial destinies, ensuring a life marked by both security and personal freedom. It acts as a potent instrument, enabling women to secure not only their individual futures but also those of their families.

An entrepreneur at heart, Anurita has diverse experience, including founding Cinnamon Beauty and involvement in various entrepreneurial ventures across Southeast Asia and India.

Mr. Vijay Emmanuel, co-founded Cinnamon Wealth with the vision of creating a financial ecosystem where Women are just not clients but actively engaged in the financial decision-making, both personally and professionally.

He has had a financial services career spanning 27years where has orchestrated global acquisitions, crafted intricate financial structures, and transformed opportunities across Asia, Middle East, UK and Europe in his previous roles at Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and Standard Chartered Bank.

The company strives to actively bridge the participation gap for Women in the management of personal finance within their families. It curates process driven investment opportunities to make informed financial decision and build financial independence. It does not believe in thresholds, bars, or ceilings, encouraging individuals to start and consolidate their journey towards financial independence.

For more information on Cinnamon Ventures go to: https://cinnamon.ventures/

About Cinnamon Wealth

Cinnamon Wealth is a part of Cinnamon Ventures, a Singapore based private equity firm focused at catalyzing opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs across India and Southeast Asia. They operate across Mumbai and Singapore at the moment and will be soon expanding across India.

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Mr. Vijay Emmanuel, Co-Founder | vijay@cinnamon.ventures | +91 98203 38264

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