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Chairman & Chancellor Dr Swarankar promotes holistic healthcare in meeting with acclaimed writer Mrs Rajguru

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In a significant demonstration of compassionate leadership and holistic healthcare, Dr. Vikas Chandra Swarankar, the esteemed Chairperson and Chancellor of the Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & Technology (MGUMST), made a personal visit to acclaimed writer and philanthropist, Mrs. Pratibha Rajguru at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jaipur.

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Dr. Swarankar, a reputed medical professional with a profound specialty in Reproductive Medicine and IVF, along with administrative roles, exhibits the deep-rooted philosophy of patient-centric care. This visit, made with the express intent of inquiring about Mrs. Rajguru’s health progress following her successful cancer surgery at SRCC Hospital, reflects this commitment.

Mrs. Rajguru, an influential figure in Hindi literature and philosophy, recently underwent a complex surgery for gastrointestinal cancer at the SRCC Hospital, part of the MGUMST network. The operation was carried out by a team of India’s top surgeons, including Dr. Ajay Sharma and Dr. V. K. Kapur, under the advisory board’s guidance, which included distinguished healthcare professionals like Dr. Hemant Malhotra.

Dr. Swarankar’s personal involvement in the well-being of a patient, beyond his professional domain, is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the patients. His contributions to MGUMST’s growth and development, along with his exceptional achievements as an administrator and entrepreneur, exemplify his multi-faceted leadership.

Dr. Swarankar’s illustrious career spans multiple roles. As the Chairperson and Chancellor of MGUMST, he has been instrumental in guiding the university to new heights. He is one of the few clinicians in the state holding double Post Graduate degrees of Master of Surgery (M.S.) in General Surgery and OBGYN. His areas of clinical interest encompass Reproductive Medicine and Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART), where he has over seven years of experience as a Fertility Specialist and Endoscopist.

Before assuming the role of Chairperson, Dr. Swarankar served as the Pro-Chairperson of MGUMST and the Director of the Jaipur Fertility Centre. His journey to his current position has been marked by numerous accomplishments, including a gold medal for securing the 1st position in the University Post Graduate Examination.

This significant meeting between Dr. Swarankar and Mrs. Rajguru, beyond its primary intent, also fostered a rich cross-disciplinary dialogue. It underscored the essential interplay of health, arts, and culture in fostering the community’s overall well-being, thus amplifying MGUMST’s vision for a more holistic healthcare approach under Dr. Swarankar’s leadership.

Dr. Swarankar is known for his deep-rooted commitment to patient care, evidenced by his recent personal visit to inquire about Mrs. Rajguru’s health post her complex surgery. Mrs. Rajguru, a titan of Hindi literature, philosophy, and Ayurveda, recently underwent a successful operation for Gastrointestinal Cancer at the SRCC Hospital, part of the MGUMST network.

Mrs. Rajguru, an emblematic figure in the realm of Hindi literature and philosophy, has written several essays and articles and served in an editorial role at Dharmyug, a respected Hindi weekly by the Times of India Group. Her immense contribution to the literary field reflects in her diverse freelance portfolio and the successful online portal Pratibha Samvad, which showcases her vast literary contributions.

Despite facing health challenges, Mrs. Rajguru continues to inspire millions with her resilience. Currently recuperating at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, she is working on her newest book, a deeply personal account of her journey through her cancer treatment. This powerful narrative aims to serve as a beacon of hope for others facing similar health battles.

Dr. Swarankar’s visit, in addition to its primary purpose of ensuring her well-being, also provided a rich opportunity for a cross-disciplinary exchange. Mrs. Rajguru’s literary prowess and Dr. Swarankar’s medical acumen fostered an enriching dialogue about health, arts, and culture’s integral role in community well-being. It underscores MGUMST’s commitment, under Dr. Swarankar’s leadership, to a more holistic approach to healthcare that goes beyond medical treatment to understanding patients’ broader life influences.

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