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A Symphony of Sight and Sound: Toshiba TV Partners with Talented Music Producers for #MakingSoundVisible

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HONG KONG, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s dynamic digital age, home entertainment has become a vital aspect of lifestyle, and the new Toshiba TV Z870 is designed to provide a rich visual backdrop to every tune. As a model equipped with Mini LED technology, it synchronizes with your music using captivating visuals to elevate each musical note, turning your home into a mesmerizing concert hall.

To inch closer to the full Toshiba TV Z870 musical definition experience, here is a teaser video that offers a tantalizing glimpse into the magic that unfolds when the exceptional television features meet the artistry of music production in a quest to #MakingSoundVisible

This new trajectory showcases the seamless harmony between Toshiba TV Z870’s competencies in producing professional-grade music. For those who understand that music is about the depth of sound, the REGZA Bass Woofer Pro composes an audio experience that deeply resonates. It carefully layers sounds, ensuring that viewers can distinguish notes, beats, and rhythm. The Toshiba TV Z870’s audio is also refined by the ZR 2.1.2 Surround Sound System, and Front Firing Speaker – with the former focusing on spatial immersion, and the latter on precise directional audio delivery.

Delivering vibrant scenes and adding depth to every sequence, the Quantum Dot Color technology also features in the Z870’s lineup; while Toshiba TV’s REGZA Engine ZRi works diligently to enhance clarity in visuals and sound.

Join on social media and step into the world of sensory splendor with the #MakingSoundVisible campaign. At its core, #MakingSoundVisible is about unveiling the magic that happens when the Toshiba TV Z870 meets the music producers, where they explore the enchanting synergy between high-quality sound and visuals. Join the conversation on social media to dive into audio-visual discussions and explore more of the Z870’s features. Don’t miss your chance to engage, learn, and win exciting gifts, let’s #MakingSoundVisible together!

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Toshiba TV has 70+ years of history in TV production. With its strong DNA in inventions and innovative ideas, Toshiba TV has produced many TVs with the world’s first features. Toshiba TV has provided unforgettable experiences and new viewing styles to many people around the world through its high image quality.

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Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkP_L8LIiWQ

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