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$10 billion technology growth fund launched by G42

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In strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi Growth Fund (ADG), G42, the leading UAE-based AI and cloud computing technology company, launched a $10 billion global technology growth fund. G42 will manage the Fund, which will invest in late-stage growth companies with disruptive technologies and strong business fundamentals in order to accelerate global innovation.

$10 billion technology growth fund launched by G42As a private equity investor, G42 Expansion Fund will invest primarily in high-growth regions. The G42 Expansion Fund will leverage its operational assets and ecosystem of operating companies to accelerate value creation across its portfolio of investments. As a result of its investment priorities, the Fund will focus on technologies that will shape the global economic landscape in the next decades. These include computing and communications technology, intelligent mobility, clean tech and renewables, digital infrastructures, novel materials, multiverses, fintech, healthcare, and life sciences.

A robust business portfolio, including Bayanat, G42 Healthcare, G42 Smart Nation, G42 Cloud, Injazat, Khazna, Presight, and others, enables G42 to develop high-impact technology solutions to solve the world’s most complex problems using AI and cloud computing. G42 partners with leading international organizations to democratize access to cutting-edge technology for every market.

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